New Rights and Roles

Just a quick overview of what we currently think should be improved upon, based on forum posts, interviews and our backlog of ideas. Just a first stab at it, it will be further refined in the next two weeks after several interviews, and reviewing your feedback on the forum. Then development will start, feel free to comment!

  • Big shoutout to @brggsr , for meticulously explaining potential improvements and designing ideas! And @Stef and @Inspiring_City for giving their take on this direction.

New roles to manage the platform
One of the main things to tackle is the management part of the community. Currently it’s done by just a handful of extremely hard working people and we’d love to scale that up a bit. Going forward we propose two new optional roles for hunters, for those that love to help grow Street Art Cities.

In a few weeks, hunters can take on one or two new roles.

Country Manager

Become a country manager, and manage the community in that country. Accepting and onboarding new people that want to join a (new) city, helping them understand the platform and making sure they feel part of our great community. A country has at least one manager, but some might have multiple. If a country has multiple, they do have to collaborate like clockwork obviously.

Quality Team

You could also join the quality team. Not bound by a region, the quality team will be checking - guess what? - the quality of content created. Are the images correct, and as beautiful as can be? Is the right artist connected, or is there a duplicate issue? Are tags used properly, or should something change in the tagging system. Make the right changes, and make sure everyone understands.

The country managers and the quality team are in touch with each other and are guided by Tim and Stef. They help hunters grow into those new roles. Each of those new roles gives you access to a new set of features in a revamped dashboard.

Want to join?

There are already several people active in these roles, more or less. But without the formal title, and without extra power tools in their dashboard. Going forward you can apply for a role, and Stef and Tim will be doing the selection. Those that are with us for some time, and fully understand the community, our goal and the platform that facilitates this, should definitely consider applying! We’d love to collaborate with passionate hunters in further growing Street Art Cities. Looking forward to making this work with all of you!


I’m so keen, eight hands straight right up. Having a role would cement my passion and purpose of being a part of Street Art Cities for the long run.

I’ve got an interview with Noa very soon so looking very forward to it. I’m refining even more information and improvements (last week’s post was my hands typing at maximum speed) and will also prepare it for the interview and otherwise shortly.

P.S. If you ever organise a catch-up somewhere in the world, you can bet I will make a concerted effort to join. Tokyo would be fantastic. Plus I’ve never stepped foot in Europe before so maybe that’s something for 2025 or 2026. A close friend of mine found his partner in Greece during a Europe trip, so…


Earlier this evening I spoke with Noa for an interview. I mentioned about some sort of advanced dashboard for easy editing of artworks that might be able to be used for power users (like the two roles above) or a greater sense of bulk control for hunters too. I’ve mocked up an example below:

This dashboard will allow the bulk edit of artworks in a city (can be multiple cities). I mentioned this in an earlier suggestions post but finally had the motivation to exhibit an example. Artworks can, instead of going into each individual artwork can be edited by clicking on the description if one is in an ‘edit mode’. Click and type into a description, maybe add a few keyworkds if it’s blank, click out and save. More specific categories, such as keywords, festival, style or others can also be bulk edited or directly inputted into a table with an overview-like dashboard. Of course, more columns for the beta tags will be added, just to make it even more fuller.

This unlocks a lot of editing power that is through this so something for the above roles will be more appropriate. One can also sort by clicking on the column header (i.e. artist or status) to soft by A-Z/unknown or find all the drafts, or use the Bulk Actions dropdown to filter by incomplete, unknown, blank artist, etc. It also gives a nifty icon view of all the different images of the artwork too. Of course, there’s no reason to Bulk Edit every single entry for a city, but editing a couple dozen artworks that are part of a single festival in bulk is nice.

Noa suggested I add this under this New Rights and Roles post rather than the Suggestions for the SAC App/Website (which I still have a quazillion suggestions left in the tank even after writing it). I feel like I’ve been given a lot of energy.

Even more to come.


I sometime see that some artworks do not belong to the right city. For example, artworks located in Saint-Ouen (suburbian city near Paris) are tagged in Paris page itself , although Pantin page is existing.
Will a quality team member be able to perform this cleaning ? Put the right artwork in the right place.
If so, I would be interested in it.


Yes, great example, this would be one of the possible scenarios indeed. For cities in countries you would divide amongst the team.