Mid-year check - some thoughts

Hey, hope you’re all doing well.

Wanted to take the time to see how everyone’s doing and add a few conversation tidbits here and there.

How’s the Street Art Cities Season 2024?
Last year Street Art Cities got shirts! Sydney stood high with 951 (now about 500+ more), but Melbourne has absolutely led the way (from 236 to 2742!) And here I am after a month nap uploading my trip from Japan still… scoreboards?!

Any update on the New Rights and Roles improvements?
Still keen to hear how this is going, but understand that it is a complicated and careful process. Dev update maybe?

Phantom Inbox Messages
In June, I had “2 pending suggestions” and I still have “2 pending suggestions” for Sydney. But the inbox is empty. Can someone check what they are?

Clarity around content
I’d like to perhaps maybe flesh out some information regarding standards around collaboration, content (i.e. descriptions, photos and advanced details). Particularly when the quality team is established, there should be more defined standards for upload. Some things include commercial artworks (where one that was defined as a ‘commercial artwork’ I did not really think it was), descriptions (including enforcing written text and avoiding direct copypastes without quotation marks) and photo quality, where someone would rather have the cover photo with many shadows or not looking its best.

Plans for the second half of 2024
I’m going to Singapore, New Zealand (South Island) and Cairns QLD. Potentially Darwin or the Philippines towards the tail end of the year. Then 2025 brings in more trips. I still would love to see the platform grow, however my motivation is really like the orbiting moon, the ebb and flow of waves.

There’s always sort of small things that occupy the back of the mind (small minor things) maybe I’ll bring up sometime when I have the courage but it is good to be part of this community. Also very sorry for the randomness! Not having a computer for the last month has been challenging.

Either way, I see there has been many new hunters and it is exciting to see more people! I look forward to hearing more.


Inspiring update my man! We just talked about you here in the office. This evening we have the first viewing of the dashboards for the new Quality Team and the Country Managers. When we collect the first round of feedback, we will head over to you and @Andrew_Haysom and whoever might be interested from that part of the planet?

As for the phantom msg, I think @Noa_Heutz has an explanation for that!

In regards to your other points, we keep growing the community and the platform. Stay connected my man! Love to have you here!