Welcome to the forum!

Hi! Welcome to the SAC forum. Here you can connect with other street art hunters, get help with technical and practical questions you might have, give feedback, and hang with the Street Art Cities crew.

We’d love it if you could introduce yourself by adding a post to the Hunter Introductions.

The forum is our first attempt to streamline and better facilitate our growing community. Any feedback to improve the structure or anything else is more then welcome!


Hi. The problem is that there are no my new works on the site www.minsk.streetartcities.com and in the application Street Art Cities.

HI @ra_se_ni, welcome to the forum!

We’re currently working towards the launch of the new version of the site on Wednesday, causing some of the changes to be delayed… Sorry about that! Your changes should be visible now though.

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Hi, Thomas! Thanks for the help.

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Hi, everyone!

This is Maria (a.k.a. Pikatoust) from Spain. I have just joined the community and I’m thrilled! I will be hunting and sharing pieces mainly from Madrid, but I also spend time in Barcelona, Lisbon and several cities in Poland, so happy to shoot and share :slight_smile:

If any of you is ever in Madrid, feel free to connect. You can reach me through this forum or vía social media (@pikatoust).

Un abrazo!


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