Understanding verifications

You might see users, cities or artists on Street Art Cities with a symbol next to their name:

These symbols indicate the entity has a verified status. The following verified statuses are available:

hunter Hunter

Members assigned to a city and uploading artworks.

admin Core crew

The company staff that runs and manages the Street Art Cities platform.

country-manager Country manager

Moderators for a specific country. They spend time helping new hunters get started, maintaining discussion on the forum, and promoting their country and its cities.

quality-team Quality team

Moderators focussing on cleaning up and improving the quality of the artworks listed on the platform.

claimed Claimed artist profile

An artist will have this symbol next to their name if they’ve claimed their profile. This puts the artist in charge of how their profile appears on Street Art Cities and what artworks are shown, rather than an automatically generated page based on the content uploaded by the community.

verified Official partner city

These are shown for our official partner cities, where city officials work together with Street Art Cities to promote the artworks in their city.