Tere from Estonia!

Warm greetings from Estonia! I organise and curate Stencibility street art festival as well as interdisciplinary urban festival UIT, both located in Tartu, the second biggest city in Estonia. Tartu is known as the street art capital of Estonia, so I will be mainly posting works from there. I am a passionate city lover with an education of an urbanist. Stencibility is a grassroots street art festival that is organised for and by the local street art community: www.stencibility.eu/eng The next festival will be held from the 11th until the 17th of June.

Thanks for the great initiative and keep up the good work!


Hi Kadri, glad you found time to represent your city


Estonia is a great country I believe! Haven’t been there tho, only visited Riga, but that’s a city in your neighbouring country. Your city has the same size as mine (90K inhabitants), so I was thinking… @Streetartwerpenaar @thomas @anon69780978 maybe we could help Kadri out with her festival?

Maybe we could help you out in 2018 with a nice app for your festival? Just an idea tho, but you could help us out with feedback, and maybe a contact at the municipality? Also check out this topic; How we make sure SAC remains free

Nice to have you here and I hope to keep seeing you on the forum!

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Hi Kadriđź‘‹
Sensibility looks like an amazing festival!

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