New feature: Online Collections

We’ve had a pretty good month so far at Street Art Cities! Loads of new beautiful artworks uploaded, an amazing response to our Best Of 2021 (60k+ votes! - see our Instagram for more), and a few nice new app features!

New and Improved Collections

Our amazing developer Nick has been working hard to make Collections (where you can save artworks you come across to your own folders) that much more awesome, by:

  • Saving them to your account – any collections you’ve already created, as well as any new collections, automatically sync to your Street Art Cities account once you sign in. That means they’re safe from accidentally losing if you ever uninstall the app (why?!) or fail to restore a backup. And it allows you to…
  • Share collections – click the little share icon at the top of any collection you’ve created, and it will allow you to share the collections with anyone that has the app, so they can see all of the artworks that inspire you!

Better sign-in

No need to remember a password, simply sign in with your email address (you’ll get a magic link via email), or on iPhone you can sign in with one click with your Apple account. Super convenient!

This new profiles system gives us all sorts of new opportunities to build amazing features in the future. And the same password-less login is coming to your Hunter Dashboard soon as well!

Claim your All Access pass as a hunter

As we said in our previous update, as a hunter you get a free pass to All Access, which allows you to access all the cities in the app for free.

Before this worked by entering a promo code - now you can simply sign in with the same email address you’re already using for your hunter account!

Thanks for your feedback, please keep it coming, and together we’ll make the biggest street art community in the world even better and bigger :rocket: