Launching Street Art Cities All Access!

Hi there!

While it has been getting colder outside, we’ve been keeping ourselves warm by working on some exciting new features in the app for next year, as well as working on expanding our community and building a sustainable platform.

Looking forward to 2022

@Streetartwerpenaar, @Bart and I met physically for the first time in almost 2 years in London last week. We discussed what we should be working on next year over some good food and drinks.

All Access

So far, only about two dozen of our hundreds of cities have been made available in our Android and iPhone apps. This month, we’re changing that.

As part of making sure we have a stable financial model to keep the platform up and running and support our team, we’re introducing Street Art Cities All Access – a subscription option in our mobile apps that will allow explorers to access all of the cities on our platform for $5/month.

This subscription revenue will be used to continue technical development of the platform, pay for hosting, and swag for our hunters. We think it’s a great way to give more users access to the amazing art in their cities, whilst also helping maintain what we’ve been building.

Some details:

  • As a hunter, you’re eligible for a free All Access subscription. If you’ve uploaded artworks in the past 12 months, send us a message, and we’ll give you a promo code to get free access.
  • All of the cities on Street Art Cities will become available in the app, just so long as they have at least 10 active artworks and has been updated in the past year. This keeps the content in the app fresh, whilst giving our hunters’ work more exposure.
  • The beta version of the updated app with access to all cities will be published today, with the public release to be rolled out over the next two weeks.

I’m personally really excited about this new subscription, and can’t wait to see users get the most out of it.
Any questions or thoughts? Feel free to message us, either on the forum, via Instagram (@StreetArtCities), or via email (

Stay warm!


This addition makes a lot of sense from the explorers standpoint I think, we received multiple messages on Play store and App Store asking for more cities. So this should help those, while simultaniously help make the platform sustainable for the future. Curious to see your response!


Hello Bart. The teams plans for 2022 are exciting. Making the platform sustainable via a monthly fee makes sense; so does having a partnership with the local authority to promote their street art trails and tourism. Looking forward to seeing new Street Art Cities added and identifiable both on the App and online including ours ‘Thornton Heath, UK’