Howdy from Austin, TX!

Hi! I’m Alyssa and I’e just joined as a hunter in Austin, TX. I have been an art teacher for the past 20 years, and have been an avid street art hunter, especially when I travel. Looking forward to sharing some of Austin’s wierdness with you!


Hi there Alyssa,

First of all, welcome to our big art family. Art teacher huh, hope you teach your studenst a thing or 2 about urban art :innocent:

Congratz with your first upload
Don’t forget you can add additional details to all the art you upload using the ‘marker tag’ functionality

And last but not least, please complet your hunter profile so we can follow you on IG or connect when we hit town one day…

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Hi Tim,
Thanks! Can you share how to add my Instagram? I’m also having difficulty seeing 2 accounts for me (same email, different user pics)…both me.


Check out this topic

Hi Alyssa! Great to have you here, and I am very curious to see whats happening in Austin! Did you know we were in Austin during SXSW, sort of? There was a watch startup that used street art content to highlight a watch they wanted to introduced.
So @Streetartwerpenaar let’s go to Austin or Tokyo next? Maybe @elena wants to show us Tokyo and @SDmissV shows us around in Austin!

Will have to save some money first tho :grimacing:

Anyway, great to have you here Alyssa, hope you help put Austin on the map!

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