Hello once again from Sydney!

Yo. It’s been about two years and a half since the last time I’ve posted here. Thought it would be nice to say hello after a while. It’s nice to see a lot of traction for Street Art Cities and growth since the last time I was here. Nice to see Melbourne firmly on the map and nicely mapped out! I have a couple thousand photos to add in… let’s get started again!

Some questions and thoughts:

  • What’s the best way to get in contact in terms of adding new cities, consolidating cities (i.e. Penrith back into Sydney) and adding myself as a hunter in other cities?
  • Is there some sort of bulk editing table function that could be added? I’d like to filter the existing artworks where there are currently no description to add some text in.
  • I think as a suggestion it would be great on a hunter’s page to see which cities they’ve hunted and how many they’ve contributed for the said city. I also love the badge system.

I am looking forward to bringing more in from Sydney and hoping to meet other fellow likeminded hunters throughout Australia and beyond!


Hi Briggs,

It’s been a while indeed, was wondering what happened.
We’ve pushed a lot of upgrades and improvements so I suggest you check our recent formum posts, please check my guide about adding artworks;

If you want to hunt for other cities, just send me an email at tim@streetartcities.com.

I like your other suggestions and will add some tickets so our DEV team can have a look and pick it up.

Welcome back and don’t forget you can now add links in your bio, so you can link your hunter page with your IG or other socials, and you can follow other hunters and also artists now


Welcome back buddy, like Tim says, those ideas are great! Let’s see if we can implement them next year. I heard @Noa_Heutz might pick these up when he does his research on how to improve the platform for hunters. He might even give you a call to explain it in more detail :slight_smile:
In the meantime, if anything is not yet exactely as you’d like it to be, stay on the grind, we’re evolving at a really nice pace this year.

Go get em my friend!