Greetings from Italy!

Hi everyone!
My name is Nino (neoben is my nickname) and I’m originally from Grassano, a small city in South Italy near Matera but I live in Pisa since a while.
I’m glad to be part of the “hunting” family!



Hi Nino

Welcome to StreetArtCities! You’ve made already some nice uploads on the map, keep going:)))). Any questions? Shoot:)!

Enjoy the festive days:)!

Gr Stef

Hi Stef,
Thank you!
No particular question for the moment.
I’m enjoying the platform a lot.
Have a nice holidays you too!


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Hi Nino, (neoben)
Welcome to the big street-art-hunter-family.
In the meantime, you have already placed several very beautiful works.
Top! Keep up the good work!

Furthermore, I would like to ask you to keep an eye on The “Artwork guidelines” (occasionally) when placing a new artwork, there could be updates in it. You will also find answers to possible questions there.

Then I wish you a lot of fun with your passion and enjoy the platform.
We are already looking forward to your new upload.
Regards Tony

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Whatsup Nino,

Great to have you here! The post @Tony_Gielen was refering to is this one. It’s a great way to supercharge your time here with us!

Just wondering, is the painting on Syskrack Lab outdoor? As in, accessible 24/7?

Lastly, please make sure you are the photographer of all pictures you upload, hang around on the forum and get to know others around you (or from different countries). Hunting is more fun together!

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Sure thing, thank you Tony!

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Hi Bart,
The Syskrack Lab is accessible to the local community in the opening hours which are dynamic.
The artwork is visible through the lab window.
I will try to add more info together with the photographer name.
Thank you!


ah okay okay, sounds like it’s an indoor thing. We ussually only document public art, and then we say: only everything that is 24/7 visable without opening a door or a lock. Just as a rule of thumb to help differentiate what’s worth documenting.

Got it and noted for the next uploads.
Thanks a lot!


No problem homie, keep up the good work! :partying_face: