Events in the app!

Hi team!

The development team (lead by @Ahsan and myself) is working hard to finish a very big update of the Street Art Cities app, which will not only be much, much, muuuuuch, faster, but also contains a cool new feature:

Events list

In the new version of our app, there will be a list of all Street Art events, sorted by date and distance from you, allowing you to always find interesting Street Art-related stuff going on around you.

The app will show festivals, gallery openings and much more!

Help us collect data

Although @Lizzy has been doing a lot of awesome work in collecting the initial list of events, it of course is far from complete, so we would love your help in expanding it. One of the ways of doing that is submitting events through the form below. Don’t be afraid to add ones that might already be in the list, we’ll filter those out.

Also, we’d love to hear any ideas you have for expanding the list of events or making it more interactive. What type of filters would you like to see? Would you like to get notifications about events in your area, or would that be annoying?

App update release

The app update containing the events list and a ton of other improvements will happen before the end of the month, and we can’t wait for you to use it!


Ik zal dit nog in een facebook post gieten.

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