August platform update

Hi everyone!

I wanted to just give a quick update about what we’ve done so far this month with regards to the tech behind Street Art Cities:

App v3.0 :tada:
Earlier this month we of course released the new Street Art Cities app. This completely rebuilt version of the mobile app for Android and iOS features the new events calendar, marker bundling, and it loads about 20 times faster than the previous version. We hope you enjoy it, and are already working on an update for September.

New homepage - coming soon! :earth_americas:
We get a lot of questions around our main website, It’s not very clear at the moment how to get from the site to a specific city, and we feel that the time has come to finally improve that.

That’s why we started working on a new version of the website, one with a map at the top, leading new users directly to all of the great artworks that you’ve collected. There will also be a world timeline there, to demonstrate how active this platform is.

If you have any thoughts about how to improve the homepage further, please let us know in the comments!

Behind the scenes :wrench:
Besides those two things on the front end, we’re also constantly working behind the scenes on little optimisations and ways to make the platform more stable and performant.

If you have any feedback, ideas or little annoyances, please let us know, we’re always looking to make the platform a little better!


Hello Thomas. Everything is working better than ever before.
Just had a small hickup this evening. Adding some new murals in Ghent, 1 strange thing happened: a new one was saved twice on the website. Resulting in a bit of a strange effect: one with pictures and ok info, the other without and a map-position somewhere in African ocean. But I cannot delete this anymore it seems…
Coudl you help?

Hey Ferdinand, no worries! I’ll it add it to my todo list to remove the wrong entry on Monday!