Artwork not showing on map

Hi, I added a couple of artworks to the map of Rotterdam yesterday. One of the artworks is not showing on the map, but if I hover over the location it is there and I can click on it (on desktop). It just looks like there is no thumbnail for the artwork.

On the Ipad app, I can click on the location and then the artwork title appears but I can not go any further.

The artwork concerned is


Hi Edwin,

Could you share the link of the specific artwork so our DEV guys can have a look


Hi Tim,

Thanks for a swift reply. The link is in the post already? The artwork is Seoul to Rotterdam, by Royyal dog.


Aha, just checked it on the app and it only shows a red pin icon not the thumbnail.
This is something for @thomas or @Noa_Heutz to have a look at


FYI/FWIW: This occurred to me too on my first created artwork in Jan 2024. Subsequent ones created and showed up fine. I ended up having to remove marker and created again and it appeared AOK.

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Maybe something for the how to add artworks guide - FAQ?

Hi, today I’ve started to add my first Artwork in my hometown. Unfortunately they are not visible the map. Not clear what is missing here.

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Already solved?
Artworks are visible for me on Nurnberg

Hi Stef, within the App it’s not visible for me, but when I check the website and the map there I can see it. It seems that there is a difference between App map and Web map.

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There are differences between the app/web, that’s right. Have you tried logout/login? Your uploads are visible on the app on my phone.

Maybe our techguy @Noa_Heutz could give your more advice?

Logoff/login does not help. I’m still do not see my new posts on the map within the App.

Ok, let’s wait for assistance of @Noa_Heutz

Hi @Stef & @NuArt73 Cities and artworks sometimes get cached in the app, which helps reduce data traffic. This can lead to minor differences between the website and the app. If you’re looking to access the most recent data, reinstalling the app might help. Also, note that scheduled jobs can sometimes take a day to update the data on the app. Seeing that this issue has become more problematic, I will look into the caching logic and have created an internal ticket, SAC 896, to address it.


In the meanwhile Logoff/login works fine. I can see all updates.


Glad to hear:)!

hi, I have the same problem, I don’t see the artworks that I have added on the map of my city …


Already fixed?
Cheers Stef

Hi, unfortunately no, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong … or where is the problem …

Hi @myskin, I’m working on it and will let you know once I find the root cause.


very well, I’m looking forward to it
thank you

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