Artwork not showing on map

Hi, I added a couple of artworks to the map of Rotterdam yesterday. One of the artworks is not showing on the map, but if I hover over the location it is there and I can click on it (on desktop). It just looks like there is no thumbnail for the artwork.

On the Ipad app, I can click on the location and then the artwork title appears but I can not go any further.

The artwork concerned is


Hi Edwin,

Could you share the link of the specific artwork so our DEV guys can have a look


Hi Tim,

Thanks for a swift reply. The link is in the post already? The artwork is Seoul to Rotterdam, by Royyal dog.


Aha, just checked it on the app and it only shows a red pin icon not the thumbnail.
This is something for @thomas or @Noa_Heutz to have a look at


FYI/FWIW: This occurred to me too on my first created artwork in Jan 2024. Subsequent ones created and showed up fine. I ended up having to remove marker and created again and it appeared AOK.

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Maybe something for the how to add artworks guide - FAQ?