Announcing the Street Art Cities v4 app!

We released the first version of the Street Art Cities app a whopping 8 years ago, and can’t have been happier with how many people have used it in the time since - over 250,000 people from all across the world have downloaded the app!

Today we have a new version of the app ready, which will be in the App Store and Google Play in the following days, with some big changes and new features.

Explore mode

We’ve changed the navigation of the app a bit - the first tab is no longer the Cities one, but instead an extended version of the Explore tab.

The bottom part of the screen shows the world feed that was previously the second tab of the app, with the top part showing a map that is centered around your current location, making it a lot easier to quickly see any street art around you right now.

Map filters

This is one we’ve heard about from the community multiple times – including last week! – so we’ve finally implemented it: you can now filter what artworks show up on the map.

This means you can finally track all of the artworks you’ve seen, and filter those out to focus on the quest to catch 'em all! (if that’s your thing)

Smaller improvements

  • Liking artworks and the app remembering which ones you’ve liked is a lot more consistent now.
  • We had some issues with people upgrading from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, those should be fixed now. Sorry folks!
  • We’ve improved the performance of the app for a bit.
  • No more accidentally submitting multiple of the same community note if you press quickly.

Rolling out soon

If you don’t have the new version of the app yet, it will be available soon. It should be rolling out to all users over the next 7 days.


This is insane :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
It’s incredible how the app/website progressed and improved since the last year!!! Thanks to everybody!
As you see guys, we love feedback!:slight_smile: What an upgrade our tech team @Noa_Heutz and @Thomas accomplished.