Who is your favourite artist

Just starting a thread to ask people if they have a favourite Street Artist (or artists!).
I have a few, and I’ve been lucky enough to see their work in person.
DANK (Dan Kitchener)
Curtis Hyland / SAMER
WD (Wild Drawing)
Achilles (from Greece)
Skitsofrenis (from Greece)
Mr Cenz
Tech Moon (Bournemouth)
Marcamix031 (Malta)
INO (Greece)
Simple G (Greece)

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Love to learn about other people’s favourite artists!

I’ve recently really been enjoying Kitsune Jolene’s work, love her use of colour.

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@thomas - very nice work!

Nice topic!

Stencils: Samina (Portugal)
Djoels (Belgium)
Kap_One (Spain)
Sebas Velasco (Spain)
Odeith (Portugal)
Mariana Duarte Santos (Portugal)
Peeta EAD (Italy)
Smok (Belgium)
Chota 13
Laura Lozano

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