Who is removing artworks

I recently noticed that the works that are present on the walls have been removed from the map.

Before that, some user maliciously marked a bunch of works in Belgrade as non-existent.

Hi Igor

Since last year we’ve been working with moderators who help us.
They look at the community notes and use Google Streetview to check if those community notes make sense.
Sometimes they make mistakes unfortunately.
Hope this clears some things up for you.

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Additionally we can add maybe:
Hunters receive by email monthly a cool Monthly Street Art Update which includes our top cities, busiest hunters of the month… and the to handle Community Notes.
Often, community notes are unhandled for more then a half year, it would be cool and a big help for our Street Art Community if the hunters have a quick peak (not always easy cause of work, family…) or try to research why an app user notified a certain artwork as removed.
Some cities have several hunters, maybe to would be nice to collaborate with the other active hunters, or motivate or local street art fanatics to help:).

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