What if... SAC becomes a Digital Museum

Hello SAC community !!

So I was recently using the App in the neighborhood called La Butte-aux-Cailles in Paris, in order to see if I could contribute to the already well-know spot.

What I observed is that many Artworks weren’t there anymore, not because they have been destroyed, but because they have been replaced.
You are going to say : “Well, that’s kind of the purpose of Street Art, isn’t it ?” And you would be right.

However, i found quite convenient the fact that I could see previous Artworks of famous artists, especially when those Artworks were trully beautiful.

And then I got this idea : what if SAC had a function which allows users to see previous arts in a specific area or on a wall renowned for its pieces of Street Art ? It would act as a Digital Museum of the Street Art scene for all cities !
You can modify an Artwork already uploaded by addind details or photos in the Hunters’ Dashboard. What could be cool is a button on the App (“See Previous Artworks” for example), where we (hunters) would have stocked old photos. The Artwork shown in front page will be the most recent picture updated.

This way, SAC will become the biggest archive of Street Art. Plus, we will visit our favorite spots and update more frequently each time an artwork replaces another one.

Just a small thinking before going to bed… Let me know if I should sleep instead of proposing stupid ideas :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Bonne nuit !

A Parisian Wanderer


that is an amazing idea!

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Hey Yann,

We’re actually working on somthing like that, we call it ‘Time-Machine’ for now. This would become some kind of archive with exactly that what you were thinking about.


Hey Tim,

Well ok then, look forward to use this new functionality !
Thanks for the answer anyway !!