What are the percentages?

On the list of all cities what does the percentage figure indicate? It often seems to change (both up and down) despite a cities number of artworks not changing.


Hi Andrew! That’s the percentage change in ranking score since last month.

The ranking score is calculated out of many different factors, but the most important ones are:

  • Number of views of that city
  • Number of artworks
  • New artwork likes since last month

In addition to a few other things, like how many outstanding reports of artworks being removed etc. a city has.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Thomas, that’s interesting info.

When you say “outstanding reports of artworks being removed” do you mean where an app user has flagged something as removed, but the hunters have not actioned it? If so, I assume this would be a negative impact on the ranking?

Yes, exactly!

There’s an ongoing conversation about whether we should change the ranking factors to be more heavily focussed on these “quality” parameters rather than “popularity”, as the current ranking leads to large cities naturally ranking higher, because there’s more people to view the map and often a larger number of artworks than smaller cities might have.

If you (or anyone else reading this!) have thoughts about this, please do share!


Should an ‘artwork like’ count in this ranking? It’s a subjective information from an app user. I even never use the like button (sorry:) ).
The seen or removed is pure objective information which has a much bigger impact on the quality.
Like: the percentage of seen is an indication that a hunter (and this should be even a requirement the future that a hunter has to report the works in her or his city) is really on it. how more seen reports, how more we like this right?
When a city has too long removed notifications/ community notes this pulls the quality down and should be flagged to the moderators, who can take some action (reactivate hunters in a gently way).
The number or artworks, is not that important to me personally… some places has only 1 or two festivals or some random, works, but when the local hunter is really on it, and handle the notifications, then is the place not less worth the like New York currently where almost nobody is active and 86 removed community notes left.There is no plausible explanation why New York is high ranked.


Good points Stef, I agree that recently added artworks should potentially get more “weight” than ones added years ago, perhaps there could an age-related weighting or something.

To add to my previous response, I also think that a recently archived (marked as removed/painted over etc) artwork should hold higher weight than an old, never updated artwork. I think a ranking system like this would reward hunters who want to maintain the accuracy of their cities data, which would in turn provide more accurate data for SAC app users.

Andrew, I agree that current data about the status of an artwork should weigh more than an arwtork that has been untouched for years. The ranking should motivate hunters, like we talked about, we’re currently looking for a good algorythm…

I reckon something like;
Less than 6 months since record updated or “Seen” x 2 weight
Less than 1 year but more than 6 months since record updated or “Seen” x 1.5 weight
Less than 2 years but more than 1 year since record last updated or “Seen” x 1.0 weight
More than 2 years since record last updated or “Seen” x 0.5 weight

I think you should offer a drop-down to allow ranking by a choice of factors, like “Your data quality algorithm you come up with”, “Map Activity”, “Total artworks”, “Total active artworks”


Nice idea!

The seen or removed is in fact recently implemented, so by time there will be more data to process and count in algorithms.