Walking in Bordeaux, France

I’m pleased to be able to share photos of street art for the site. I have been doing this for years, on various platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, and Bluesky among others. (Yes, there are others.) I came from the USA to live in France where I’ve been for over 40 years. Unfortunately with regard to my activities with this community, I am no longer on Meta the properties Facebook or Instagram, and Threads is therefore not available to me, either. I was on Twitter the first year of its existence. My Twitter activity (I will never call it anything else) is mostly limited to promoting my music. I refuse to contribute anything else to Twitter in its current state.

I say all this because I’ll unable to do research on IG. My photos contain the signature of artists, often unreadable to me. I have photos from La Rochelle, Berlin and Paris as well. I’ll try to upload one from Bordeaux, and we’ll see if it’s acceptable. I hope so!


Welcome, looks like you’ve been in the game for a couple of years. Glad to have you in our community.
Make sure you check our exisiting map for Bordeaux to avoid doule uploads.