Use of video feeds on SAC

Here in Sheffield much of the artwork in posted in narrow passages and lanes making it difficult to get meaningful wide images. On Instagram I use short videos to give the sense of the intimacy of these places. Has anyone used short videos on SAC for similar reason or even other reasons. Your comments much appreciated. Jim


I use video on IG all the time. curious to see the answers to SAC!

Thanks. I too am interested to see other replies. There is the old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’! Well I think a short video gives context and atmosphere but it also worth a thousand poor photographs.

I love this idea. We probably will still require at least one image per artwork for consistency, but I think adding videos as an additional layer of context to an artwork would be really cool!

We’re working on some new features for the platform that we’re hopefully able to launch before the summer that will let you add additional resources to an artwork in the form of links (think of news articles about the artwork, interviews with the artist, etc.)

I think adding video to the platform would be a logical step up from that.

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Thanks Thomas, I think that is good news and I am sure TheStreetArtChick will also approve.

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I have videos, nowhere to post it on SAC. BUT I am ready! :heart_eyes: :raised_hands: