Two websites for the same city

Hello guys,
I’ve started working on Basel and after adding a few pieces I noticed that they were not showing together with the ones that were already there.

I checked and noticed there are two sites for Basel (even when you search for the city you see two options for Basel):
The one I’m using:

And the old:

Could you please merge both so that we have only one Basel?

Also, not sure if I will be able to edit the pieces added by the other user, but a big part of them were already painted over. I am adding the ones that are currently in those locations. It would be good to be able to update their status.


Hi Tiago!

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve just merged them. That will take a few hours to come into effect, but soon both links will link to the same city.

You should be able to now see all of the artworks added in the old site in your dashboard as well, so feel free to mark any artworks as removed if they don’t existing anymore.

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Thank you very much. Now everything is working correctly.
Have a nice day.