Trophies and medals for the winners

Good evening team, after seeing how the Street Art Citis platform is evolving, the diffusion it is having, and everything that entails, I think you could make an annual improvement to give more seriousness and importance to the nominations.

I think that every year when you make the nominations, you can create a small trophy for the top 3 and for the rest of the top 10 a medal which can be sent to the winners’ address. These trophies and medals recognize being a winner, they will be a nice physical souvenir for the winners.

It’s an idea that occurred to me and I think it could be a nice detail. Greetings!

Hi there Kato, I think you are new to us, since last year we introduced real awards! So yeah, we totally agree with you on that. The top 3 of all categories receive an award, hopefully awarded from the local mayor.

Last year we created these… this year we’ll do the same, but without the paint. Just a raw brick. Feels like a fitting award for artists who work on walls. And the more you win, the more you can stack em up :slight_smile:

What you think?

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I had not seen it! I think the idea of being a brick with the street art cities logo, and the colors of the medals (1,2,3) is great.

Sorry, I don’t usually read the forum much, I’m mainly dedicated to looking for other people’s murals and uploading them, in addition to uploading mine when I make them.

By the way, there is no brick for the 5th winner of the world?? It’s me! Hahaha it’s a joke :crazy_face:


We do think urban art as a whole is the real winner :wink: But I guess your calender should be filled more easily with more requests for murals now, right?


For now the number of jobs is good, as always, more newspaper and TV interviews than normal, and waiting to have good offers for large murals, but great, it is important to always continue working hard, and never lose the origin of each one .

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