Tokyo graffiti/street art

If you’re travelling soon to Japan or want to know more about Japanese street art/graffiti please follow our TOTEMO PROJECT! HERE
Based in Tokyo but also collaborating with international artists. Helping artists to get legal walls around Tokyo and promoting they’re merch and NFTs in our own marketplace!
Take a look! Arigatou! :smiley:


Thank you for sharing! I will be travelling to Osaka very soon, but only in Tokyo for a few hours before the connecting flight. Osaka is not yet on the map on Street Art Cities (there’s one mural, but it’s listed under Tokyo), but I shall change that when I visit in late May!


Hi! Thanks for your reply! Osaka has lots of murals, even more than Tokyo. But they are difficult to find and not really in the center of the city. If you want more info about locations, please do dm me at @efimeri and I will send you some!
If you have time in Tokyo please visit our wall project in Harajuku: HARAJUKU WALL OF FAME by TOTEMO by Nychos - Street Art Cities


I think we should do a brainstorm in Tokyo some day. What you think @Noa_Heutz ? Sounds like its fun there!