The artist named Australian Silo Art Trail

I have about… eight Silo/Water Tank artworks that are currently waiting to be uploaded. There is an artist page called ‘Australian Silo Art Trail’, well-curated by hunter Annette Green a few years back.

Is this the best way to curate this specific collection of Silo/Water Tank artworks across Australia? All these artworks (bar four) have the associated artist or group that painted these, which make them all look like collaborations.

I suggest to use our marker tags to create a separate page and make it searchable.
Here’s a screenshot of what I mean exactly

And best to remove the name from the artist list

Good idea. While I have done so for the Australian Silo Art Trail festival page for the ones I’ve added, a moderator will need to do so for the others that I am not currently a hunter for.

So everything that currently has the artist Australian Silo Art Trail needs to have that removed and add Australian Silo Art Trail as the festival.

EDIT: The festival name is Australian Silo Art Trail like the website.

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