Sydney Launch for Street Art Cities


Back on December 1, 2020, I was notified that Sydney was to be launched in the Street Art Cities app. I’ve also written a few things such as a Hunter Introduction and some of my top picks for artworks in Sydney.

On December 13 there was a Facebook post about a contest that could encourage people to help identify the cities in the pictures. Then it went to say that the weekend after the cities would be launched. However, many weeks on I haven’t seen Sydney appear on the Street Art Cities app, nor a follow-up post.

Incidentally, it has made me lose momentum in updating and uploading more of my photos onto the platform. I think I added a solid 250 over the last month as well as a few routes, but after hearing radio silence, kind of lost the energy to do so.

Wondering if you have an update on your plans if it is still happening.



Hi Briggs!

We’re still planning to put Sydney and a few other cities live in the app. Some other big projects have slightly moved the expected launch date for that, but we’re committed to launching them in the next 14 days.

Just had a look at the Sydney map by the way, and it looks amazing! Great work!



Quick update: Sydney, together with 4 other cities are now live in the app! We’ll be promoting that on our social channels as well today and next week.

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My apologies, but running this global communty, maintaining socials next to some personal projects in my city and juggling a full time job with a family during holiday season made me lose track. But ready to go now, Sydney is live and getting ready to rock some Sydney media

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Hi Tim and Thomas,

No worries at all, was just getting a little bit concerned but I checked out the Street Art Cities app and Sydney is now featured! I am stoked and absolutely grateful.

Although I don’t have much of a social media following as of yet (it kinda did go dormant for a while), I’m excited to share more artworks in the city, hopefully reach the 1,000 artworks mark and get back into the groove.

Thanks for providing an elegant platform for this. It’s go time!


I’ve used the app and your wonderful work Jordan to explore Sydney myself :slight_smile: Thank you for yourcontribution I’ve signed up for Canberra but live in Syd. If you’re ever interested in a coffee and a SA Stroll or Roady abroad I’d love to meet a like minded friend.

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I appreciate that, thank you! I am always interested for a coffee/stroll. There are still quite a few that I need to update in Sydney, and I’m entering a new foray of the Central Coast, many to contribute up here.

Time, oh so scarce at times!

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I hope I’m not intruding or anything, but I think we can totally help y’all out if you want? We really recommend building teams in documenting a city. Especially if the city is big. It’s five times the people that live in Amsterdam, in my book that is a big city.

So if you want we could add @frivolous to Sydney as a hunter as well. @brggsr, @frivolaus whachu think?

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Haha, Hubby seems to think he’ll be posting out of Sydney Jan 2022 so I have 7 months to find as much art as I possibly can. I haven’t found too many new things. Briggs has been thorough but I’m all for adding the things I have found. :slight_smile:

Certainly! The more hunters the merrier! Recently I’ve been flat out (well… actually for the last 3 months actually) since work is a toll. There are definitely bits and pieces that both of us have found individually that the other hasn’t.
I’ve still been taking photos of artworks as I pass through them, so my archive is getting bigger and bigger. If only… upload speeds were astronomical. I could only dream!

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