Switching Cities from Cuenca Ecuador to Missoula Montana USA

Hi my friends (Hola mis amigos), So nice to work with all of you. I spent the last two years in the city of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca which is set in a valley surrounded by the Andean mountains in the southern part of Ecuador. I added over 200 pieces of artwork from Cuenca and many of the artists are quite amazing. I recently moved to Missoula Montana, USA and I will be scouring my new city for all the street art I can find. I hope you enjoy it… I was born in Chicago Illinois (a place with a massive amount of street art) I am 66 years young and own a few bicycles which I use for my street art adventures. Bicycles are much quicker than walking, and much less of a hassle than driving a car. I have visited 17 states in the USA and 39 countries and I must say that finding street art around the globe is quite addictive and pleasurable. Okay enough about me…


Sound like a true adventurer mister Al B Fein! Great to have you on board and hope to see you around for a long time. Enjoy Missoula, on google it looks abit like Boulder Colorado, at the foot of a mountain range. Must be great there!

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