Streetartcities icon-set

hi there,

i want to promote sac on my blog, and i m looking for a sac-icon-set. does this exist already?



Not yet - but our design team is on standby :slight_smile:

What kind of thing are you looking for? Something button-like, or more of a banner?


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i was thinking about a normal “social media icon”-set, so it fits well next to all the other icons.
i just did it quick and dirty: but it doesn’t fit that well yet.

for the future it would be also nice to have also banners etc.

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I created a quick collection of some icons we’ve been using internally, which can be found here:

Also, at the bottom of that page is an icon that matches 100% with the other icons on the UrbanPresents website, ready for you to use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!

Happy holidays!


thanks, that was exactly what i was looking for!

happy holidays too!
looking forward to 2018 :slight_smile:


Wow what an awesome and quick solution. Thanks Thomas :smiley:

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :fireworks: Thanks for mentioning SAC :heart: We really appreciate it!

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btw thomas, the next sac step would be an integration into fontawesome :wink:

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Haha, good point!

I’m not sure if we have enough traction yet to be considered, but I’ll definitely submit a request to see how they react!

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