Street art photos from fans

Hi Guys,

The last fews months we’re receiving a lot of emails from street art fans that want to help us with our online street art collection. They aren’t hunters from our community but for example tourists that went to Dunedin and saw some amazing street art. What do you think we should do with these pictures? Would you appreciate getting them from us so you can use them for your city?

Please let us know how you think about this. Thanks!


Hmm, I think it could be hard to keep up, especially during touristic season.


I do agree. Should we thank them then for there enthusiasme and ask them only to send the murals that aren’t on the map yet?

Helping with things that are not online yet, is always good and could be encouraged. I just don’t see the point in seeing a 30th pic from the same ROA wall in Ghent :wink:
The question is where people can contact someone when it’s about a city that’s not on the map yet…

If they live in that city they can become a hunter but if they see and artwork that isn’t on the map yet they can send us a massage. In the app we already made a special button for it:


People can also let us know if an artwork is gone or destroyed.

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I think it’s a great idea. Some tourists are not hunters but the have different prisms when taking the pictures. So I think it would look great in the display of artworks in the map.
I would use the pics.


why don’t the fans post to Instagram with the hashtag #StreetArtCities . perhaps an Instagram widget would be great to have here on the website too. :smiley: