Street Art Festivals around the world

Good afternoon,

I am Iñigo Landa, journalist and cultural manager in the Basque Country.

For months I have been working on creating a list of different Street Art Festivals around the world. At the moment I have listed these but I know that there are many more that I have not reached.

What if we made the list collaboratively?

You are welcome!

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Printing Walls
Madrid Street Art Project
Bristol Upfest
Nuart Fest
Mural art street Fest
Miau Fanzara
Bloop art street festival
Wynwood walls & fair
Baladik street art festival
Tauranga Street Art Festival – Tauranga
Stockholm Street Art Festival
Graffiti Na Gradele
Meeting of styles
Open Walls

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The Crystal Ship (Oostende, Belgium)
Re:Think Sisak (Sisak, Croatia)
Festiwall (Ragusa, Italy)
WaterfordWalls (Waterford, Ireland)
Street Art festival (Olomouc, Czech republic)
Galeria Urban Forms Project (Lodz,Poland)
SISAF (Sibiu, Romania)
GARGAR Festival (Penelles, Spain)
Graffitea Cheste (Cheste, Spain)
Urban Skills (Alcoy, Spain)
Tons da Primavera (Viseu, Portugal)
Wool Covilha Urban Art Festival (Covilha, Portugal)
ESTAU Arte Urbana (Estarreja, Portugal)
Street Art Festival (Hasselt, Belgium)
33 Grados Festival (Mercedes, Uruguay)

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We actually have big list, maybe we should open it and our community can add events…


We got something like that, I’ll clean it up and share it with you guys


Pour ma part le plus important en terme d’œuvres, le STREET ART FEST de Grenoble (France)
mais aussi le K LIVE de Sète, le festival Point de Vue de Bayonne et évidemment le Mister FREEZE de Toulouse :hugs:

Yardworks in Glasgow, Scotland has restarted.
Upfest in Bristol, England
Cheltenham Paint Festival