Street Art Cities Platform V2 🚀

Big day here at SAC!

When we started Street Art Cities 6 years ago, we had no idea how big our community and platform would become in a few short years. We built it thinking that there would be two, maybe three cities using it. Not more than 900!

That’s why we’ve been working hard over the last couple of months to re-build our entire technology platform to be more scalable, flexible and modern.

Today was the big day where we switched the last bits over to the new platform. You’ll see a new Hunter Dashboard, as well as slightly differently looking city websites.

We’re super excited about the possibilities this brings us to build out the platform even more, to finally start building some features that have been requested over the last couple of years that we couldn’t build on the old technology, and generally make the platform even easier and faster to use.

Hunter dashboard

  • The new hunter dashboard is a bit quicker, and is better able to deal with cities with thousands of artworks (looking at you, Los Angeles!)
  • There is a new route builder, that makes it easier to put together nice routes. And you can now add Places to routes as well!
  • Artworks and places that are added show up on the website and in the app much faster now, in just seconds, rather than minutes like before.
  • You can now sign in to the dashboard with our new magic link login. No more passwords to remember!

City websites

We’ve revamped the city websites. They’re now on, rather than

The old links will of course continue to work for the next couple of years, though!

Lots to be done to make the city websites look a bit nicer (especially on mobile) in the next couple of months, but making this switch will make it much easier for us to quickly iterate on new functionality.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done to finish transitioning some of the features that are used less often (editing your profile in the dashboard for example!), but we’re really excited about the progress we’ve made today.

Like with any large technical change, we don’t expect everything to work completely smoothly from the start. Please shout if you see something funky!


Kudos on the upgrade.

Trying to add a new artwork and I’m getting an error message when I press “save artwork”. Error message says: “‘lng’ must be greater than or equal to -90”

Apologies about that! Very Euro-centric of us to not test locations further away from the meridian.

Should be fixed now, thanks for flagging!


A few more bits of feedback:

—On the Manager page I can no longer search for artworks by the artist’s name, now I can only search by the artwork’s title. I use the search function often—using the artists names’—in order to change the status of an artwork or to check to see if I have already added an artwork to the map. I never search by artwork title. I’d request that you make the artist’s name search option available again.

—If I’m understanding it correctly, changing an artwork’s status to “removed” does not actually remove the artwork from either the map or the Manager page, which seems to make things messy for the app user and for the manager. If that’s the case my preference would be to delete the artwork altogether rather than change the status to “removed”.

—The new two-step login, where I go to the website, enter my e-mail address, it sends me an email, and I have to click on a link inside the email in order to gain access to my Manager page feels overly laborious every time I want to login. Possible to go back to a simple username/password login on the site and cut out the step with the emailed link?

Just my two cents. Thank you.


Hey Fredrik,

Thanks for taking time to share your feedback. I’ve encountered some of the same issues as a hunter and I know @thomas is still fine tuning the huge migration he did.

I’ve put your comments in our backlog to be solved or looked at.

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Just had a look at the artist page about Seth because it was mentioned in the newsletter.
But, I saw many murals from Paris are missing on that page. The reason: many murals by Seth are on the map, but as Seth Globepainter or Jullien Seth (his real name)…
Somehow these should get connected, I guess

Hey Ferre,

Now that the artist profiles are rollin’ out, we’re looking to merge the different existng names. Working on Seth’s as we speak

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I wondered where the “hunted by” tag has gone?
Existing pieces still have this, but the new ones do not mention the hunter.

Hi Chris! That’s not supposed to happen - do you have an example link?

This one still has it:

“Hunted by Luuk Hoevenaars. Pictures by LukeDaDuke.”

This one has no hunter tag:

(Curious: the last one has a new style marker ID)


That’s really helpful, thanks!

Our engineering team is looking into it.

This has been fixed now. To get your name to show up for some recently uploaded artworks, you might need to re-save them, that should do the trick.

Thanks again for bringing this up!