Street Art Capitals of the World by TimeOut/Betway

Earlier this week a TimeOut article popped up in my feed earlier this week about the the ranking of cities around the world based on on analytics from Betway. Melbourne was crowned the third-best city for Street Art, trailing behind London (second) and Paris (first). Based on number of murals, social media engagement, articles and Google searches, these are the top 20 Street Art Hotspots:

What do you think? Note that the “number of street art murals” actually links to Street Art Cities at the bottom as part of their sources and methodology taken on a specific date. I wonder how these metrics are weighted.

I find it very interesting that Melbourne has four times more artworks than Paris (five times for London), but both of these cities have an insane amount of both Instagram posts and article engagement. Well done to the team in Melbourne on representing the city all the way up to third place! There must be many cities out there still waiting to be hunted out there, with some of these top cities also waiting for their new artworks to be hunted!


Oh Well… such lists…
Who went to Valparaiso in Chile? Half of the buildings / walls are painted… but not in the list? One of my most beautiful street art hunt experiences.
Where is Medellin? Buenos Aires?
Even I like Grenoble a lot (urban art surrounded by the alps) but for sure not more worth than Buenos Aires, Valpo, Medellin or other Bogotas…

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This list is purely based on raw numbers and doesn’t take in account the size of the cities and the population. So it’s more based on popularity and not on actuality.

Love that they look at SAC for extra info though.


Great post @brggsr Would be interesting to see if we could improve our rankings somewhere at the end of this year, leading up to the awards in january. Maybe Timeout could be a partner in this, they are a pretty leading force behind millions of travel ideas. They are also putting up guides for Apple. Maybe a collab with them? Anyone has any contacts there?