Street Art and Ecology - Bordalo Secundo in Paris

Hey there !

Paris will have the honor to welcome Portuguese Artist Bordalo Secundo for an exceptional exhibition called Accord de Paris from 26/01 to 02/03.
Galerie MathGoth will host the event in their “Hors les Murs” space. Here is the address : 10 - 12 Avenue De France, 13ème

I’ll try to have a look next week, so I hope to update this topic really soon with cool pictures !

As always, if you are willing to join, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Bon week-end,

A Parisian Wanderer

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I’ll try to visit this expo this week.

Hello Ferre,

I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you sooner, I got quite busy with my regular work these past few days…

Anyway, I plan to have a look at this exhibition this afternoon, would you like to join ?


Hello Yann,
Only saw your message when I was on the thalys heading back home. next time better. Always welcome in Ghent :wink: