Sticker/ Past-ups

Athens not so much, but in London sticker art is a big thing…we have a number of great artists who does stickers/past ups like SubDudeLondon ( and Neon Savage ( a lot of the fun hunting in London is to find their paste-ups and stickers, maybe we could have categories on the map for the different types of art e.g, murals, lettering, past-ups or stickers so the map would reflect who is prolific in a city at the moment.

Also, we need a date stamp when the photo was taken and when it was uploaded.


Yes. Categories would be very helpful. :+1:


Awesome idea Beatrice. I’ll ask the developers how much time it cost to build it :slight_smile:


Hi @Athensrunner,

I do agree, it would be essential to have a date stamp, to communicate, when a photo has been taken. I decided (for me and the Essen-site) to include the date in the photo credits. → name (date) until the day, a better instrument will be provided by the system. A crutch - I grant - but better than nothing.
May be this is helpful for you in Athens.


Thanks @streetartwalks I have included some dates in my descriptions, will make sure I put in the exact date of the photos in the future.

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Hi, I saw some of SubDudeLondons posters in Shoreditch just before the pandemic hit, really nice work! :smiley:

I also visit Athens occassionally too, found some amazing pieces there!