Statistics on Maps/Artworks

Hi family,
I was asking myself if it is somehow possible, or will in the future, to see the statistics of visitors of a map or artwork.
In SAC La Bañeza we are really surprised how many foreigners know about the city and about ArtAeroRap, and since we are working close to the municipality and tourism, numbers would be a good thing to plan tours or useful information on artworks.

Thanks in advanced for the info
Have a nice one!!!

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As a matter of fact we’re working on some premium features of the app.
We’re already talking to some municipalities who have taken interest in our app.

Maybe we should talk with you guys to the municipality in La Baneza too.


Of course. Count on me for anything. We are really really close to them!!!

You guys are faster then any ideas we could develop! I just can’t stop believing that you rock so much :kissing_heart:


hahah Love to see you enthusiasm Tinka <3 It’s so great to see this community working together the spread the love that we have for street art. I started documenting for Heerlen (NL) about 6 years ago and can’t believe how big we are right know.