Sort SAC community log in by previously-logged in communities

As above. At the moment, the Street Art Cities login list of communities is pretty wild. I’d like to propose two ideas:

  1. Bump previously-logged in communities to the top of the list (illustrated above)
    This helps having to sift through the entire list to find the specific communities you’re looking for. This could be achieved by either retaining cookies of log-ins or when logging out, or allowing the list to filter when inputting the email to see what communities it has access to.

  2. Sort communities list by continent/region/etc, then by states/territories, and then by city.
    This would be a three-tiered list of communities to sort, for example:
    Continent: Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctica
    Region: ie Australia (NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, SA, TAS, QLD, WA), United States (HI, CA, NY)
    City: Sorting probably by alphabetical order within their respective region/continent.

From what I see, community nodes are sorted by id number, which are essentially incremented every time a new SAC is created and slotted in. I guess it will have quite a bit of shuffling around to do, but it would be nice to to have some sort of continuity or grouping.

Hi @brggsr,

Thanks so much. That login system has existed since we were a community of only 2 cities, and is definitely not suited anymore for the current scale of the platform.

Towards the end of this month, or the beginning of next month, I’ll be able to release a new version of the platform, where you don’t have to select a city in the login screen:

And where, if you have access to multiple cities, you can switch while staying signed in:


Absolutely thrilled for the update, fantastic news. Glad to be back in the fray during a major milestone for Street Art Cities. Thanks for the heads up Thomas!