Sort images from your artist gallery

Good afternoon, is there a way to organize the images in our gallery? It is because in my artist gallery I would like to be able to choose the photos that I like the most so that they are at the top, since they are also the ones that usually have the most profile visits. I don’t know if you have that option implemented, or if you can add it in the future.

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Hey there, I am not sure exactly how to do it, but I did notice this artist the other day that has seemed to do what you want by setting up a “Featured” section on her claimed page. Perhaps one of the Admins can help on “how to”

I’m planning to write a little guide about it

Hi Kato!

Andrew is completely right, you can “highlight” artworks you want to be shown at the top of your artist page.

You do so by signing into your artist dashboard, clicking “Artworks” in the top right, and then using the star icon to mark works as highlighted:

Yes, that highlights the 6 that you like the most, but perhaps for the other images the ideal would be to be able to move the images as in some lists, which have a 3-line icon and if you press it you can drag up or down

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