Some new problems appeared

I have some new problems to edit older datasets:

I cannot delete an artwork completely, when saved
I cannot delete a single picture, when uploaded. The little bin is missed in my system.

Any ideas?

I find the Remove button under advanced options.
And I can remove images without a problem.

Hi both! It looks like the remove image button was hidden in certain instances. I’ve just pushed a fix that should always show the little trash can icon for images in the artwork editor.

Let me know if that helps @streetartwalks!

I had a different problem I observed last week myself. One was I had a portrait shot of a rather vertical mural, and the listing rotated it 90-degrees as landscape. Looked weird. It even showed up in the image tray as portrait, so I’m not sure what happened. (I “fixed” it by taking a landscape photograph, uploading that, and choosing that as the first image for the listing.)

But maybe that’s a known issue: that the main hero image needs to be landscape?