Short introduction

Hi, let me start with this.
My name’s Tim Streetartwerpenaar, but i guess most of you guys and girls already know me.

I’m 41, got 2 kids and a lovely wife and i’ve been hunting streetart for 3 years now.
I work on a Chemical plant as a Maintenance Coördinator and i played pro Basketball for 20 years.
Now i connect with the world through Streetart.
What’s your story…


Hi everybody!

I’me Bart, proud co-founder of this movement and I thought I’d also introduce myself.
I’ve been working on my own organisation that uses street culture as means to help out young people develop positively. Make them understand and experience that passion for creativity gets you to places. One of our projects was - our excuse to produce big murals with artists, people, kids and everyone who wants to join.
I stopped there in 2016 and handed the company over to a friend.

I have another startup company called and we do management of expertise thru matching of employees.

The fun part tho is Street Art Cities, a hobby that gradually became more serious. I hope I can meet passionate people and see more of the world because of this!

Who’s next?


Nice background with Kleuron and braight & nice meeting you!