Servus from Vienna, Austria

Servus, thats how we say Hello here in Vienna,
I am Christian, 39 years old, having 2 boys who keeping me busy like hell :wink:
In my teenage-ages i tried to do graffitis on my own… but… well… there are muuuuch better ones than me :smile:
so i focused on music and DJing that days, but i was keeping an eye on the viennese graffiti scene.
I love to have walks, exploring the city and taking pictures… not only in my hometown… wherever I go, I love to explore the hidden spots beside the beaten tracks of a city.
The Last 3 years I got deeper into Street-Art-Thingy… sooo… thats why I am here I guess :wink:

Greets from Vienna :heart:

→ but now i have to do some work, hehe


Hi Christian, i saw you’ve been very. busy.
It’s always a pleasure seeing passionate hunters join.
Welcome to this crazy community

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Grüss dich Christian!

Gute geschiechte! Ich war noch nie in deiner Stad, aber vielleicht muss ich es mal besuchen! Herzlichen wilkommen und biss bald!

So, that was my german so far. Hope you have a great time here and let us know if we can help you out some how. Sharing is caring! #givefirst

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