Servus from Graz

Servus from the second biggest city in austria, my hometown, graz.

my friends call me mimi, i‘m a 29y/o redhead (33 :shushing_face:), ferret owner, cat addicted (but allergic), a ducati monster rider, vacation lover and totally fascinated by street art…

i work as a radiographer at radiotherapy (kickin‘ cancers ass!!) so all i see at work is white clothes… maybe that‘s why i become more and more addicted to colorful art :smiling_face:

my bf and i travel a lot and we‘re at crete at this moment :sweat_smile: (bc in austria it’s cold, windy and rainy… but that means, the trees won‘t explode :joy:)

so, don’t be afraid to ask something :smiling_face:

servus und baba

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