Selection process for "Best of month" competition

I’m interested to understand the selection process for the murals that are presented in the “Best of month” each month.

I thought the intent was for it to be new murals in that month, but noticed that the Heesco Dragon mural in Footscray that is at #40 for February is one that Lou posted to SAC in January of 2020, so it is well over four years old. Also, the photo used isn’t the one that Lou has on the SAC artwork post, so I was wondering what the selection process is, and where the source of photos is. Is it perhaps from the Instagram community where they are tagged with the SAC hashtag?

Is it something that Hunters can suggest murals for?

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I’ve been doing these monthly selections since 2017. I save new artworks on a daily base on IG. At the end of the mont I select 100 artworks, create the visiuals and share them in our IG stories. Then i collect the data and add them in my excel file where I use all kinds of metrics, from votes to audience engagement and run 'em trhough my carefully created algorythm. The best 25 end up in a final stage through a Google Form to determine the top 10.
I have my sources I check to save new artworks and lately artists and festivals send messages to let me know of new art.
For the final selection I try to choose a mix from all over the world and choose established artists and newcomers. It’s still a semi-random process that burns hours every month.

And sometimes it happens an older artwork ends up in this list because I didn’t know :see_no_evil:

So this is my 7the year doing this, with almost only positive feedback.


That’s what we call a hardcore mf ladies n gents! Feel free to reach out to Tim if you’d like to assist him in finding the coolest artworks of the month :boom:


It is hard and long work to study and know the new works of each artist, when they were published, etc. It is difficult to know everything and especially when hundreds or thousands of artists from ALL OVER THE WORLD paint something new every few days, and they are not always published immediately. Some artists prefer to wait for something, an opening, an event, or they simply don’t want to publish it, but there is that wall. I support all the work the team does looking for new murals and artists, as well as their work of seeing which are the best.