SAC Oostende Belgium


I’m Marc, since this summer hunting for in Belgium (which is Ostend + all the rest of the Belgian coast). I work on the communication department of a big non-profit organisation (I was press responsible, webmaster, social media consultant, company journalist…; but now for some time in revalidation after a bike accident earlier this year).

Besides street art I’m also passionated by vintage stuff about the Belgian coast, like old postcards, posters and touristic guides (some of them you can see on my Instagram).

It’s all about bringing beautiness in this world!


Hi Marc,

Thanks for all the work you did in Oostende. It looks absolutely amazing and the pictures look great. I’ve been there twice (2017 en 2016) for the murals but next time I’ll contact you. Just let me know when you’re coming to Heerlen, NL. I’ll show you around town. We have around 80 murals right know.

Hope to see you soon!

Cheers, Sanne

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Great! I surely shall! Thanx a lot.

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Hi Marc! Nice meeting you. Already added you on instagram. What’s the non-profit org that you work in? Regards from Madrid!

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