SAC Marrakesh Morocco

hi there,

i m bart and ll take care of
i m born and raised in belgium, lived 16 years in berlin and moved last year to cologne to be a bit closer to my family.
2006 i started to take pictures of streetart in berlin. i publish my pictures on my blog

over the last years, i have been regularly in marrakesh and got to see how street art developed through time.
right now, i m in marrakesh for another week of streetart hunting and will keep you updated through facebook.


Hi Bart,

Nice to meet you, and great to have you in the Street Art Cities family!


What an awesome hunting life. Someone is really jealous over here :wink: Of course I know your blog Urban Presents. Love it! Keep up the good work and hopefully we see each other soon!

Cheers Sanne

Hi Bart, nice to meet you! Do you have Moroccan background? I do love Morocco, its culture, its people, and the way of living. I know pretty much of the country, but never observed Marrakech with a street art perspective!

I checked your website, and would like to help you on the development of your website with a contribution about the Street art tour madrid.

Let me know if you ever visit Madrid!


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hi javi,

i m originally from belgium, but have been the last 10 yrs regular in marrakesh because of some projects (tedx marrakesh & marrakesh biennale). so, now i have a nice collection of pictures.

about my website, 2018 i ll invest more time in my blog, so i m open for any suggestions.

ohyes, madrid would be cool. let see what happens 2018.


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Hey there Urbanpresents! :wave: Love your blog! Looks very clean and modern. Love the zoom feature on the images.


hi Stephen,

good to have you on board, with your nice collection of pictures!


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This absolutely perfect, as I’m on my way to Morocco in a week. Was ready for the streetartscene in Rabat and Casablanka, and pleassantly surprices when i saw your profile. =)

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I just came back from Marocco. I was there last June. It’s amazing and I especially loved the Hendrik Beikirch piece in Marrakesh. That was so impressive. Enjoy your time there.

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Fantastic. I will keep an eye out for it. =)

hi gjellaa,
i haven’t been to rabat and casablanca, only to marrakesh. it seems that casablanca has a big streetart/graffiti scene.
if you go to marrakesh: you can find more information on my blog:


Bartjeeee! Whats up my man! Street Art season in full swing, and the forum activity picks up again. Happy hunting y’all! Oh and be sure to check out his blog Urban Presents @Gjellaa, he has beautiful pictures there!


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I will make sure to check out the blog =) Allready had a look at your map, and really looking forward using it as a tool to explore the Marrakesh street art scene. =)

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to the bartman… good to hear from you! hope you are well :slight_smile:
i m busy with preparing the “berlin urban art week” in september. will have for this occasion an exhibition “discover street art in marrakesh”.