Resolution of Pictures on SAC Homepage Looks Squashed and Blurry?

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but on the homepage I’m noticing rectangular photos are looking a bit blurry and distorted into a square. I think the object should fit snugly into the box and crop a bit of the sides to retain the aspect ratio.

Could you please investigate?

Just going to reiterate as I am now seeing an example where an object seems to be squashed on the web page if it is an individual artwork, but seems to render fine in its square as a route. Please see the difference between the Created the Route ReAnimate Penrith and the new artwork by Le Grizz, they are the same photo but rendered differently.

Oh shit! You’re completely right!

I’ll have a look at fixing that this week, thanks for pointing it out and apologies for completely missing your first message.

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All good, thanks for fixing it up so quickly! Homepage looks nice and spiffy now.