Removed Artworks not shown as Removed on the App

There is a big disconnect between the Web version and the App with respect to Removed artworks.

On the Web page, in the Artists page, Removed artworks are listed separately as “Archived”, and are marked as Removed with the word “Removed” in red just above the map.

However in the App version, the Removed artworks are just intermingled in with the Active ones in the Artist view, and there is absolutely no indication they are removed when you view the artwork (unless the Hunter has made a comment to that effect in the description).

This is a big bug/error I think that needs to be fixed as users are quite likely to travel to “Removed” artworks if they’re using the App.

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This issue has now resulted in multiple reports of hunters going to locations and not being able to find artworks. As a result, we are getting community notes to action, only to find those artworks have been previously marked as removed.

Unlikely that any hunter is going to go hunting with a laptop. Removed artworks need to be clearly indicated as removed on the phone app, as well.

Agree wholeheartedly Neda, this issue is causing frustration for users and hunters alike and should be given urgent priority I think.

The screenshots attached show the Community Note that was raised for us for an artwork that has been marked as “Removed” for some time already.

It also serves as an example of the issue I raised in my larger list of suggestions the other day where the note shown on the Dashboard always seems to suggest double the number of “Pending Community Notes” (in this case the message says 2, when there is in fact only one).

@thomas @Noa_Heutz this issue contnues to haunt us, any dev ideas on this?

Well here’s my ideas that would fix the issue.

Write “Removed” in big red letters just above the address on the Artwork detail screen if it is a “Removed” item.

If it is too hard to split the list of artworks on the Artist screen (as in the web version), then I would think that excluding the “Removed” items from the Artists screen would be a better option than current method.

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A must to fix.
Have this scenario in mind. Disabled person in wheelchair out hunting, arriving at “the spot” after hard work. Just to find an “empty” corner. By doing what we have taken on we have also made a “contract” with society … including “all walks of life” those able and those lesser able.


Is there any action / progress on this topic for android / Iphone?
If it could be solved Street Art Cities would be a nice place for artists and us hunters to build artists CV. Also the place to build the history linked to a specific spot where over the years work has been placed.

Sorry for that bug folks!

It’s been fixed and will be released with the next app update, which should happen next week.

@Andrew_Haysom your bug I had some more trouble to reproduce. Apparently that user managed somehow to report it as tagged twice - the ‘inbox’ page groups these together, but the dashboard page didn’t. I think I fixed that now, but please do shout if it still shows an incorrect count!


Nice :smile:
Then history can be built and CVs worked out.

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