Reg. New Places - Labeling

There is a miss match, at least in my head, when it comes to content or lack of content regarding New Place. Under “Place type - What kind of place is this?”. To me a “Hall of Fame” is a collection of something, mostly static - might develop and have increase in content. Not all are accepted, what presented is selected. A hall of Fame is not a place where everyone can place whatever content they would like to placed. A legal wall, on the other hand, is a hot spot where everyone can paint - free to all - bring your paint and have fun
… wouldn’t it be wise to remove the subtext on Hall of Fame?
i.e. Hotspot where everyone can paint freely.

Then add a Place type with the tag “Legal wall”. Subtext - A hot spot where everyone can paint.

SAC is a map servicing two defined grounds: those involved in the culture and those observing the culture. Those involved know the codex, most observers don’t have a clue about codex.

A legal wall has different codex than the streets, again this is different from a hall of fame. By diversifying and adding Legal Wall - free to all (witch is the codex on a legal wall) and Hall of Fame (with street codex) we tell the painters and those that know what is the proper codex in relation to the spot. The observers would most likely not know the difference, but the painters would - and this is important so no beef is created.

A legal wall is also a wall where TOY(s) can paint freely. A hall of fame is mostly for Kings and TOYs should stay away. I.e street codex.

Also a “Hall of Fame” can both be outside (in the open air) or inside (roof on top, even walls) OR it can be both at the same time.

My town is Bergen/Norway. Here we run projects consisting of all genre and styles at the same time. They are not festivals, the locals and friends have a ball. Attendants from 5-6 to more than 100. Our projects have activity on the inside and outside of one or more buildings simultaneously. They have become “Halls of Fame”. In addition we have public legal walls.


This is a really good point! We should give people the opportunity to be very clear about this distinction.

I’ve just put in a change to have ‘legal wall’ as a separate place type. This should be live on the website within a day or two.

Thanks for your suggestion, super helpful!


Thank you for your understanding and action.
Highly appreciated.
Made my day :hugs:


Loved the subtext on “Hall of Fame”
Job well done :star_struck:


Nice, glad you like it! :raised_hands:


Loves new marker for “Legal wall”.
This I am sure will have positive impact on visitors with no network in town.