Recently added artworks - stalled on web

The “Recently added artworks” listing across the screen on the main home page on Web version appears to have stalled, latest artwork showing is 11 hours ago. The equivalent on the phone app appears to be working fine.

No big deal, but thought someone would like to know.

It’s back working today.

Still seems to be running behind more than I’d expect. Will have a look today, thanks!

Yes, it does seem to have stalled again now.

I think Sydney has been going through this issue in the last couple of weeks. I’ve checked on both the app version and the web version and the Recently Added Artworks in the City view is showing very random pieces, with most of them missing. The artworks are appearing fine in the homepage.

Melbourne seems to be very up to date (6 Jan), but Sydney’s last one was 2 Jan when I’ve added a couple dozen in the last couple of days. A bit confused.

Hey mate, I think I can explain this, but one of the admins can confirm. I think you’ll find it might be because they are sorted differently. I think the main home screen is based on when you add the piece into SAC, but the recently added in the City screen is based on either that or the “Date Painted”, so for example if you are backdating older pieces by updating the “Date Painted” in Advanced screen when you add, they will be further back in that stream.

You probably don’t notice this as much for Melbourne because I don’t think we update “Date Painted” as much as you do.

Hope this is your issue.

This is extremely useful information mate, thank you for this. Indeed it is the “Date painted” in which they are sorted. I’ve just backdated many that were added previously and they’ve all moved back down the stream. I realised inputting the date, but then clicking out without clicking the advanced details screen doesn’t save the date painted, so I will be more conscious with this.
That being said, it might be worth suggesting a new functionality to the city views, either adding a new carousel/stream of artworks that are sorted by recently painted (i.e. the date painted) or recently added (i.e. hunted and uploaded to SAC) to help discover artworks that might not necessarily be brand new, but have been unearthed and freshly hunted in a city. Or to toggle to sort by either date added/hunted or date painted.
I’ve also noticed a ton of artworks in Sydney that have a “Date Painted” of 25-26 June 2021", which was the last time I added and uploaded into SAC and also with many blank descriptions, so I’m going to work on that once my uploads are done. Hopefully a bulk and/or an editing view might come in handy!

Thanks Andrew!

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