Rail Freight Forward in Paris... Only this Saturday!

Hey Everyone !

So, as I said in a previous post, this weekend is a busy one !

The crew Rail Freight Forward will make quite a happening this Saturday in Paris. For 7hours (from 10AM to 5PM), a train will block all the platform 4 of Gare de l’Est in order to promote ecology.

But this i not just a simple train. In order to sensitize the public to climate change, RFF asked local artists to perform some live Art Show, which includes of course a lot of Live Street Art !!

This train has already been in Poland, Austria and Germany. France is the last step before the final stop in Belgium. This will be the occasion to discover the work of other foreign artists !

I’ll be there at 10AM for those who would like to meet me. Anyway, feel free to share pictures of the event !

Bon après-midi,

A Parisian Wanderer