Problem with links

Hey guys & gals,

Not sure if this problem has been discussed yet. There are links in Hamilton,On,Canada that when you click on them they take you to L.A.,USA. I was also browsing other cities today and there are multiple pictures in Dublin,Ireland that take you to Amsterdam,Netherlands.

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We’ve noticed it too.
Our dev team Will take a look at it


Yes, familiar problem. I talked to Thomas about it yesterday… But it’s a difficult one.

If a hunter from, let’s say London, adds a work (X) in LA from his/her account, then this situation is created.

So if I, as a visitor of LA map, click on work X, I will be redirected to London map.

Thats not good haha! So thanks for mentioning… it seems to happen more often. We’re thinking of a solution, but it’s a bit tricky.

In the meantime, please only upload to the city you live in.