Problem navigating to multiple art works in same location

Hi - I’ve found that it’s impossible in the map frontend to view multiple pieces of art in the same location. For the location ‘Bolsjefabrikken’ in Copenhagen i have uploaded multiple pieces (Untitled by SEOULone - Street Art Cities) but when i zoom in on the map the circle with ‘8’ just returns one piece in the end, as the others are hidden below. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a fix for this or should i upload them differently to ensure this doesn’t happen?

I have had the same problem. One building had 5 murals on it and I can only see one picture.

I too have the same problem, in Athens a number of works are at Athens School of Fine Arts and I found that the geotag sometimes give locations outside the school complex. Maybe a carousel of photos when you click on the location would be a solution.